Friendships vs. Situationships

Have you ever had that one friend that you love soooooo, but you cannot gain a true connection with??? Has it ever been a time when you started to just tell an individual to never call you again because they were the biggest idiots you ever have dealt with???? But in the end you stayed around and attempted to be so call friends with them and deal with their selfish ways. What is that called now???? OOOOhhhhhh yes, a situationship!

The truth is friends that are true friends are loyal, honest, and selfless. There is no envy of one another, no backbiting or hurt. Friends communicate and trust each other to keep each other’s secrets, friends are honest with each other when they are wrong, and love each other through thick and thin without judgement. I believe that in 2015 we have gotten away from being true to one another. We no longer open up doors for each other just because, we no longer pick something up someone has dropped in front of us, and we most definitely don’t respect one another. With all our New Year’s Revelations we should stop and think about our relationships with people and ask ourselves are they Friendships or Situationships; are we a benefit to others or are they just a benefit to us; Selfish or selfless????? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT…WHAT DO YOU THINK????


3 thoughts on “Friendships vs. Situationships

  1. And that is true for so many, hence the saying “blood is thicker than water”. I have felt for several years that the word “friend” was used so loosely and of course now it’s “the bestie!” But people have lost the values, and personal codes of friendship. People are no longer loyal, and honest with each other. It was a time when people could be friends 30 years and might argue, laugh, cry, and fight, but they would most definitely tell each other right from wrong without judgement, but with unconditional love and it was ok. Now your so called friends will talk about you and lie on you in the same breathe that they call u bestie!!!


  2. I know through experience that the one and only true friend I ever had was my mother. Lost alot of so call friends. But you live and you learn.


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