Internet Trolls Made A Baby Girl With A Rare Condition Into A Hurtful Meme & Her Mother Speaks Out [VIDEO]

Sad to see how hurtful people can be. What happens when karma becomes real in your life?


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Internet memes are hilarious, until you become one. One of the latest gags targeted a two-year-old baby girl. Her real name is Mariah Anderson and she has the extremely rare condition of Chromosome 2 Duplication, meaning her comprehension and motor skills operate at a slower pace. It also effects her facial features. Sadly, Internet trolls used a personal photo that her mother Kyra Pringle uploaded on Facebook (for her 2nd birthday) and the memes compared her daughter to a leprechaun or had captions like “What would you do if this was your child?”

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The Anderson family was extremely hurt by the insensitive jokes and spoke against the cyber bullying on NBC channel 2 news in South Carolina.”The smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you guys are comparing to a leprechaun. The things…

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