Michigan teen might have given teacher a marijuana cookie


Police in Birmingham, Michigan, suspect that an 18-year-old student may have given a marijuana-laced cookie to a teacher.

The teacher became ill after eating the cookie and was taken to a local hospital, according to the Birmingham Eccentric. Authorities said a sample of teacher’s blood would be tested for marijuana but did not disclose why pot was suspected in the case.

According to the Eccentric, the teacher was released from the hospital and “is currently home recuperating.” Our recommendation: a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and some Netflix.

NBC’s ‘Buds’ brings marijuana culture to television

The rest of America hasn’t caught up to Colorado when it comes to understanding marijuana culture, according to Joanne Ostrow, a television critic for the Denver Post.

“The act of inhaling is still defined as illicit activity, the subject of weed a tittering punchline, the cultivation of pot plants a less-than-respectable line of work…

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