Wisconsin police shooting: The unusual law that’ll make this investigation different than others


On Friday, 19-year-old Tony Robinson was killed by a Madison, Wisc. police officer, according to the Wisconsin State-Journal.

It was yet another incident in which an unarmed black teen was killed by a white police officer, in this case Officer Matt Kenny.

What makes this case different is that Wisconsin recently passed a law requiring all police incidents resulting in the death of a civilian to be investigated by an independent agency.

No other state has such a measure, according to NPR.

The legislation, signed into law last spring, is largely the result of a decade-long campaign by a man named Michael Bell whose son, Michael Jr., was shot and killed by a police officer in November 2004 after the officer pulled his vehicle over.

The Bells are white.

Although a follow-up investigation found no wrongdoing by the officer involved, Bell’s family received a $1.75 million wrongful death…

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